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Khasra No. 965, Pipal Wali Gali Near 990 Bus Stand Rithala Village
Delhi - 85
Contact Person: Mr. K.S. Panday
+91-9971271023, 9212900628
Ref : Electricity Board now Started Billing Unit In KVAH And Not In KWH As Earlier
Please refer your electricity bill it have :-
  1. Billing in KWH unit plus LPF (low power factor penalty)
  2. Billing in KVAH units, Lower is power factor
To improve POWER FACTOR automatic power factor panel are used, for maximum improvement use fine tuning type AUTOMATIC POWER CONTROL PANEL USING two number automatic power factor correction replay.
In case of H.T connection Transformer losses marks power factor down as so it is recommended to use of H.T sensing automatic power factor rely and sense it from C.T.& P.T. installed before the transformer.
We are the expert in the field. We manufacture fine tuning and H.T senses Automatic Power Factor correction Replay.
We manufacture all types of electric panels including fine tuning Automatic Power Correction Panel, and H.T senses automatic Power Factor Correction Panel.
For any clarification/information please feel freely contact/write us.
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